Day 124: Blustery Saturday

I woke up this morning to Boy whispering to me that he’d thrown a ball up in the air and caught it ten times in a row. This is big news because Boy has had a hard time with catching. But I guess he found a tennis ball, awake by himself in the early morning, and just started practicing. Plus, you know how it is, little changes happen imperceptibly and all of a sudden your kid can do something he couldn’t.

I got up and made the kids toast, and they sat on the couch watching This Old House and then Martha Stewart on PBS.

The plan was for Papa to drive Boy down to the wildlife refuge for another archery lesson but it was terribly cold, and he was already sniffling, so we called that off this time around. I brought Girl to our friend’s, the one with the new apartment, and we had a ladies’ brunch/playdate for a few hours, just the four of us.

When we got back Papa took Boy to the YMCA and they ‘worked out’ together for a bit. Then Papa took both kids and the dog down to the park to run around while I met with Miss P on our plan for Geography Club this week.

I spent my evening looking up books and recipes for Geography Club and I also signed Boy up for a one day violin workshop that his teacher wants him to attend with the other students in her studio.

I’m expecting cancellations of various plans and obligations this week, some for weather and some for illness. Frankly, I will welcome this. I could really use the time to do some things around the house, make phone calls, get organized, and do a couple of projects with the kids.

Meanwhile, winds have arrived. It sounds a little alarming out there, and I’ve heard intermittent sirens. It’s going to be a let-your-faucet-drip-so-the-pipes-don’t-freeze cold tonight. Both kids are asleep in my bed, and it’s an excellent night to snuggle with one’s babies.

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