Day 110: Apartments and arrows

Saturday was the opposite of Friday, in the sense that more happened than can reasonably be written in a blog entry. But here are the highlights:

1. In the morning while we were making coffee and pancakes, Girl asked what letters made up some words, asked what those letters look like, and then found them to make those words on the refrigerator. This is real progress on the literacy front. In general, Girl is showing starting to show significant interest in letters, so I expect this to be a theme over the next few weeks.

Some of Girl's refrigerator words.
Some of Girl’s refrigerator words.

2. Boy attended a free two and a half hour archery lesson with a few other kids at a nearby national wildlife refuge center, given by one of the rangers. Papa took him. He took it extremely seriously, listened to all of the guidance/directions from the teacher, and did a great job. Papa said he was intent, precise, polite, and extremely attentive to everything.

Boy, getting ready to shoot.
Boy, getting ready to shoot.

3. Aunt S and I went shopping for fabric and foam padding for me to re-do the old dining room chairs that are currently stacked in our back room. Picking out fabric is no joke. I was really glad I had a friend. Then we went and got a quick bite to eat at the biscuit place. Which was awesome. Then we tried unsuccessfully to pick up Girl (see below).

IMG_4224 IMG_4223

4. Girl had a playdate with one of her best and oldest friends, whose mom has just moved from their house to an apartment. We had to explain things to Girl the day before, and she was unhappy and anxious about the changes. I was glad we talked about things before hand, because by Saturday morning she was completely fine about everything.

Both of my kids have gone through a period of noticing, and complaining, that other people’s homes are bigger, nicer, and better furnished than our own, before settling into an appreciation for our home for what it is: our home.  But in this case Girl was clearly swept off her feet by the charms of the small, plain, sparsely furnished apartment with old wooden floors and a clawtooth tub, in a far more urban neighborhood than ours. (We all know those apartments, and how we fall in love with them when we get one with our friends in our twenties.) Add to that it is a household of just girls: one mom, one daughter, two cats.  After three hours, when Aunt S and I came by to get her, Girl refused to come home. At that point, she was wearing a pair of her friends jammies (everyone was in jammies) and they were going to curl up in her friend’s very tall double bed under her new comforter and watch a movie on the iPad. The mom, my friend, agreed to just drop her off later in the evening when she went out to get groceries. Aunt S and I joked that Girl would probably try to move in, given half a chance.

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