Day 125: A Very Cold Week

Today, Sunday, was the first cold day of our Very Cold Week.

Boy had a birthday party today, a Really Perfect Party for Boys who love Nerf guns, with kids and big brothers and dads running around outside in the cold, having a battle. Boy’s gun kept jamming, and every male member of our host family unjammed it for him at one point or another. He particularly liked shooting at the targets, and used his ‘scope’ to hit the center a number of times.

Girl stayed home with Papa, and they watched some television together and had snacks first. Papa likes to find women’s sports for Girl to watch–today it was Judo and weight-lifting. She said later that a 5ft tall girl lifted 200 lbs, and showed me exactly how she did it (which was frankly adorable). Then I guess Girl said she wanted to do stickers, and Papa said she sat for more than an hour at her little table in the sunny living room, humming and singing to herself with the dog lying next to her on the floor, putting stickers on paper, creating stories about the stickers in her mind.

Other than that, all day, Boy and Girl were completely in their own world of play. I-Spy, bristle blocks and laughter, only a wee bit of fighting. Among other things, Boy made Girl a roost for her owl.

(Oh, and evidently if Boy and Girl are playing I-Spy and Mumma is the answer, then the answer to “Is it round?” is yes.)

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