Day 169: Thunderstorms

This was basically Day 3 of us beginning to reintroduce some school routines. I got up, let the chickens out, made coffee, Towhee got up, ate, headed outside for chicken time.

Late summer means a lot of afternoon thunderstorms.

BlueJ got up, got dressed, and did some reading as she usually does. The text in the Illustrated History of Japan is minimal; most of the story is in the pictures. There is so much. She has read the book before but this time she is really focused; she was probably looking at it this morning for an hour. Meanwhile her brother made pancakes and I was busy with online stuff.

Morning reading time: reading An Illustrated History of Japan. It’s one of the coolest books we own.
Readings for Japan and the Japanese

Once Towhee was done with the chickens, like we said, he came in to make pancakes for second breakfast around 10am.

After we’d all eaten, he sat down to do his own book work: Math, Spanish, Grammar. He said the last chapter of AoPS Pre-Algebra is general problem solving skills, something he loves. So today’s exercises were looking for patterns in order to come up with easier solutions to problems. I’m hoping he can finish this last chapter quickly so he can start Algebra 1 in a couple of weeks.

Towhee’s morning book work

After pancakes, BlueJ disappeared in her room for a long time. Among other things, she said she did her multiplication facts. She went outside to clean out the birdbaths before the rain started and spent some time out there in the wind.

At the moment, this comprises BlueJ’s entire curriculum. She took it into her room to practice this afternoon.

And then, finally, after Towhee had finished all of his homework for both online history classes, both kids hung out in the living room while I was (still) online. They were making up some imaginary world, something they do a lot, with characters and backstory, and lands with a map. I’m not ever directly involved with this stuff, but I will hear them talking or see the things they leave around, and I often see evidence of whatever they have been learning and thinking about in the imaginative mix. I’ve long felt like play is how kids process the information they are getting about the world, and I still see that happening at 13 and 10.

Then finally while Towhee watched his Ottoman Empire Great Course lecture for today, BlueJ just watched the rain pouring off the roof and waited for her dad to get home.

She was patient until about 3:30 and then she just started staring out the window waiting for her dad to come home.

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