Day 165: Books, more books, rain

Friday morning the kids had their semi-annual dentist checkup and cleaning (all good). It was a very cold and rainy day, and I had errands, so I left the kids at home with their (sick) Papa, and went to our local kids’ store for birthday presents and Easter stuff, to the grocery store, to the library. When I got home Papa told me the kids had been really good, playing make-believe almost the whole time I was gone. I showed the kids the snacks I’d gotten them from the store (coconut date rolls, dried prunes, snap pea crisps), took care of Papa, then made them some dinner. Then bed time. Today Boy read all the books about WWI and II he’d gotten from the library, plus most of a Magic Tree House book and a book about the Bahamas. He’s been reading books to beat the band, two or three a day.

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