Daily Archives: March 8, 2015

Day 146: Day of the Dead

Today was Sunday, and we needed to get ready for Mexico Day in Geography Club tomorrow, and enjoy the warm sunny weather.

I woke up to the sound of Boy making breakfast for everyone, taking advantage of the new arrangement in the kitchen. Honey toast, carrots, and water. Breakfast of champions. He was so proud of himself.

IMG_4577 IMG_4576

Girl started on her Day of the Dead crafts early, making a scene like she read about in the library books we’ve been reading.

IMG_4578 IMG_4579 IMG_4582IMG_4580  IMG_4581

After that the kids and I played outside with the dog for a couple of hours. With the snow gone, the yard is just brown.


Then we came in and I made the kids lunch and started on the Dulce de Alegria, a traditional Day of the Dead candy made from popped amaranth seeds and honey. I’ve heard that it may descend from an Aztec treat. Ours has pumpkin and sunflower seeds, too.

IMG_4587  IMG_4588IMG_4589 IMG_4594

After they were done, I went out back with Boy and the dog again, and threw the Squeaky for the dog while I watched Boy shoot baskets. (I love watching him; he’s so good at it!)

Next we put on some Day of the Dead music and practiced our dance for tomorrow, something we read about in the wonderful Day of the Dead book we got from the library. In this dance, boys pretend to be very old men, and dance slowly and painfully, but as the music continues they grow younger and younger until they are upright and dancing with energy and joy. We’ll be doing this with both boys and girls of course. The kids did a really great job, and I hope they will feel comfortable showing their friends tomorrow.

Then we made some sample masks, and I cut out the shapes for all the kids to make them tomorrow.  We’ve got some books so kids can see examples of what traditional decorated skulls look like, and we’ll have craft stick to tape the masks to.


Papa got Mexican food from Moe’s for us for dinner, and then we did our last craft of the evening. I’d promised Girl we could do these all week, and even though we couldn’t finish them (with clothes and paint) they came out pretty adorably. These guys will make a nice addition to the exploration table tomorrow morning.

IMG_4592 IMG_4591

Day 145: Spring cleaning begins

Today is a Saturday, and the first day of spring cleaning. Pretty sure I won’t be done until sometime in April. I cleared off my stainless steel kitchen island, scrubbed it, washed everything on it, and rearranged to give the kids a work space and easy access to plastic cups, bowls, and plates. I’ve been telling them I’d do this so they can more easily start to make some simple meals for themselves.

Later I raked the cement and paver areas in the back yard, the side walk, and swept out the carport. We decided in the fall to let the back yard go ‘natural,’ since the grass was spotty to begin with and the dog was tearing up what was there.  We’re going to let the leaves and pine straw cover the ground, but we still have to clean off a couple of areas. We’ll focus on making/keeping the front yard tidy and more ‘suburban.’ After that I pumped ALL of the tires on ALL of the things with wheels, bikes to wheelbarrows, full of air so they can be used.