Day 103: Boy and Uncle J

Today was rainy and raw, and though Nana took Boy for a walk to go check out the colony of box elder bugs that live in and around a tree and rock wall in our neighborhood (we go look at them a lot), it was just too cold to do much outside today.  And sometimes the rain was torrential.

It was way too wet to take the dog out to play, and she was a little mournful about that.

Dog, wondering if she will ever be able to go out back and play with Squeaky again.
Dog, wondering if she will ever be able to go out back and play with Squeaky again.

Girl told me this: 6 divided by half is 3, and 3. Like if you made a line, you’d have 3 on this side, and 3 on this side. I used my fingers to figure it out. My fingers are good for math, because I can use them to count.

Uncle J had asked if Boy could show him how to do math like he had with Girl. So Boy did.

IMG_4198IMG_4201 IMG_4202  IMG_4203

Boy wrote out problems, and showed Uncle J how to count out the two parts, and then put the parts together into a whole, and count those to get the answer. Uncle J counted the whole, and then wrote down the answer, for each of the problems.

Papa said he heard them in the kitchen, Boy’s bright, sweet voice: So you have 7, and you take away 2, how many are left, [Uncle J]?

One of the things I like about Uncle J is that he is always trying to learn more, and he does learn! He’s never stopped learning. When Boy started reading, around age 5, it was hard for Uncle J that Boy was starting to do things that he couldn’t. Sometimes it even made him angry. But now they are able to fully enjoy each other’s company, and it’s clear that Uncle J admires Boy and the things he can do, much like he admires Papa–his little brother.

Tomorrow is the last full day that we’ll all be together until next year, so we’ll try to make it a good one.

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