Daily Archives: January 10, 2015

Day 89: Party, Lunch, Sleepover

Just a quick overview of today (because I’m tired!). Papa was up and out early this morning to go help our friends load their moving van, the homeschooling family who is moving out of state, and whose son slept over on Tuesday night. The kids and I went to a (very fun) birthday party for one of Boy’s friends, someone he’s known since he was two. Almost the entire crew of 8-ish year old boys from co-op were there. This included two sons of the moving family, so I drove them home after the party. Well, I was going to drive them home. I got a message that the whole moving crew was going to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, so I actually joined Papa there with all the kids and we ate lunch together. A lunch party of maybe…30? At least 20. I don’t know.

After that we came home, Papa laid on his face for a while, Girl dressed baby dolls (to restore the balance of girlhood after half a day spent with wild boys?) and I cleaned house a bit. Boy took the dog out back to play. I saw him twisting himself up so tight on the round tree swing and letting go and spinning so fast that he just fell off at the end and lay on the ground, unable to get up. And then, I suppose, not wanting to get up. The quiet of it, laying on the cold winter ground in the leaf litter. I can kind of imagine it.

I played outside with them for a minute and then the kids and I picked up together for a while (Papa was watching football), before one of my friends arrived with her daughter for a sleepover with Girl. Girl’s First Sleepover. This friend and I chatted and split a couple of beers while the kids played, and then we ate a little dinner. Quesadillas for the kids, quinoa and kale and pecans and parmesan/mozzarella for us adults. When my friend left for home, the girls really got down to it: sleepover activities. Dress-up, jewelry. ‘Makeovers’ in the bathroom. And after they (finally) got into jammies and brushed teeth they created a special sleeping setup in Girl’s play area, and sat on her daybed together; Girl’s friend wrote a list of things they would do tomorrow, Girl played on her friend’s Leap Frog device, a wonderful novelty for her. They are so nice to each other, these two.

And now they are asleep. I had to sing them three rounds of lullabies (9 lullabies total) and scratch a lot of backs and rubs some tummies and toes, but they are sleeping. Two little girls in two little sleeping bags in a tiny little place on the floor. May they have the sweetest of dreams, and so may we all.

Day 88: Everybody’s doing math

It was too cold to walk at the botanical gardens with friends like we’d planned. But some pretty good math happened today:

1) Girl did an Odd Squad game on PBSkids.org today that asked her to measure gaps in a tube, and then find combinations of tubing to fill the gap. This required her to add numbers within 10, and so she used linking cubes to figure out what combinations of numbers would make the total she needed.

2) Over lunch, Boy told me that if he charged someone $24/night to stay in his skyscraper (he has been talking a lot about building a skyscraper), and someone stayed for a week, they would owe him $168.

3) This dovetailed beautifully with today’s math lesson, which was…multiplication stories! We read the textbook together, then he did all the exercises for that section.

Other than that, let’s see…Boy played violin, played outside with the dog, and spent a long time experimenting with creating drawing programs on code.org.  Girl helped me do laundry and practiced writing letters and numbers at her table.

Girl's number and letter practice.
Girl’s number and letter practice.

I also found a bunch of drawings that she must have done recently.

img050 img051 img052 img053 img054

And that, in a nutshell, was our Friday.