Day 102: Biscuits with Nana

This morning when I got out of bed, Nana told me that Boy put his new robe on first thing, and ate a bowl of cereal, and it was clear he was ready to start building his first birthday Lego set. Girl worked on finishing her Lego Friends Ranch. I had to do a lot of running back and forth between them and various other things I was trying to do. They both finished their projects by late morning.

Boy's Lego set
Boy’s Lego set

After she finished the ranch, Girl set up all of the Lego Friends sets she’s been working on since Christmas in what she called “Heartlake Village.” She set things up with a whole story. For instance two of the girls (she knows the names, I don’t) are having ice cream, but you can see Otto the pet hedgehog next to them. Girl says Otto really wants ice cream, or at least some attention, but his owner is ignoring him.

"Heartlake Village"
“Heartlake Village”

Girl also spent a long time making a sticker book, a gift that one of Nana’s friends had sent for her.

A page from Girl's sticker book, commemorating our special visit with family yesterday, and just family, period.
A page from Girl’s sticker book, commemorating our special visit with family yesterday, and just family, period.

It was a raw day, and everyone is tired. Papa went to the gym, Uncle J played out back with the dog like he has been doing every day, and all three guys went to the Marine Exchange so Papa and Boy could get haircuts. We only get his hair cut two or three times a year, so he goes from pretty long to very short. It’s always very cute.

We did this and that for a bit, and then Nana and I took the van and went to get something to eat at a very small local place that serves everything on sweet potato biscuits. I got fried chicken, cheddar cheese, and bacon on mine. (In your face, stomach virus from three days ago!) Nana got pulled pork and slaw. She got a cream soda and I got a pomegranate and orange Pellegrino. We talked and talked.

Then we went by the library to pick up my holds. Books about Canada, Central and South America, Alexander Graham Bell, Harriet Tubman. Gearing up for the beginning of co-op and the new Geography Club we’ll be going to. Boy’s new math books arrived, as well.

And tonight Papa took Uncle J to a hockey game for his birthday next week. Nana and I got the kids in bed, and now we’ve got out feet up, watching tv. Watching British mysteries with Nana is one of my very favorite things to do.

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