Day 28: Minecraft Sunday

Sunday again, and I just needed to get caught up with laundry and do some things around the house. I knew Papa was going to watch some football, and I’d promised Girl that we could walk to Harris Teeter (a mile away through the neighborhood) to get a few things for the week. It was most important for Boy to have a day of his own, I thought, to do what he pleased. It became clear after breakfast that what he wanted was to play Minecraft.

He’s been asking me for a couple of months to get my old laptop set up so he could play Minecraft on it, but I haven’t been able to find the time. But I thought today was the day. I was convinced by some extremely earnest pleading on his part. So I did that, and set him up with a nice quiet space on the table in my room, and except for a half hour playing outside with the dog, he spent the lion’s share of his free time today building a village.

There’s a lot to do to get ready for colder weather. I got flannels on one of the beds. But I still need to get the warmer blankets out, and duvet covers out to put on comforters, wash them and dry them, and get them on all the beds. I did get out my warm sweaters and wash one load of them and put them on the rack. (This time of year I wish I had more racks, because there are more things to dry than there is time to dry them.)

But I did walk to HT with Girl, and made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and got the kids to bed. And now what I need to do is  look at Singapore math and MBTP, just in case the kiddos say they want to ‘do homeschool’ tomorrow like they did on Thursday. Monday morning always comes so quickly.

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