Daily Archives: March 27, 2017


I’ve decided to revive this blog. I quit abruptly not even half way through a post-a-day-for-a-year project (two years ago tomorrow, as it so happens!) mostly because a post-a-day project is really a terrible idea. It was exhausting! Also because my kid was having a hard time, and I didn’t want to write about that. It felt invasive. So now I’m going to start writing again in the haphazard fashion that much better suits my person and habits. Especially because in a couple of months we are dialing back significantly on our commitments and we’ll be able to behave a little bit more like the unschoolers I claim that we are, which I am looking forward to. I will still post days of unschooling, but they will not be even close to consecutive, and I’ll keep doing that until I get to 365 of them. I’m super slow. That’s how you end up having babies when you’re 40. This right here. I might also start some additional categories of posts. Branch out a little. But anyway: HELLO! Oh, and: I don’t like the names ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’ anymore. That actually seems creepy to me now. So, hell, I don’t know, let’s go with: Octopus and Jellyfish? That matches their initials, anyway. Will that work?