Day 161: Costa Rica/Panama

Geography Club was today. We studied Costa Rica and Panama.


We looked at various maps, talked about the Panama Canal, read a story about cloud forest animals, listened to the sounds of howler monkeys and three-wattled bellbirds, tried a Costa Rican folkdance that involved twirling a scarf (harder than you’d think for little kids).  The kids took books and marked pages with pictures of animals or other things of interest to them, and then took turns showing everyone. We call this ‘research’ time. We looked at pictures of Costa Rican carretas (painted oxcarts) and decorated paper versions of them.

017 007028

We brought our old canal water table, that has ‘locks’ and a pump, to let everyone try moving a toy ship through the locks. (That was a pretty big hit, of course.)

013 - Version 2023 018

I brought a ball of masa dough and made tortillas, and let the younger kids try to shape their own.

Then we went home for a bit before Papa took the kids to ballet. Girl started learning the routine for the end of the year recital today, and you can tell she is proud, nervous, excited.

2 thoughts on “Day 161: Costa Rica/Panama

    1. Thank you, Bee! Geography Club takes almost four hours (including lunch and playtime), so we’ve got time to do a few different things. I love co-oping. I’m hoping we get to do more of it.


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