Day 149: Mesoamerica

The kids and I woke up at the same time this morning, and the kids worked together to make their own breakfast: toast with butter, honey, and cinnamon, and yogurt with frozen blueberries and raisins. The new kitchen arrangement is really making things a bit easier for them.


It was warm today, so immediately after eating they got dressed and went outside. They stayed out there until 11:30, when it was time to come inside and get ready for violin and the library.

Violin lesson was good, and afterwards we went to the library to return a couple of books and pick up the rest of our holds for next week’s Geography Club meeting, covering Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. We’ve got some books about each of the individual countries, some story books set in each of the countries, both rural and urban, one about the Garifuna, and some books about the ancient Maya. Boy has read all of the Roald Dahl books we got out of the library a couple of weeks ago (Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, James and the Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr. Fox) in addition to five or so Magic Tree House books. Today he picked out a couple more, and Girl picked out just one picture book (I heard Boy reading it to her in a spare moment tonight.)

It had started raining while we were out, so when we got home I made popcorn and hot chocolate, and we sat on the couch and read a book about the Ancient Maya together. Then I put together this week’s discovery table.


Then Boy got ready for ballet, and Papa came home and took him. While they were gone, Girl and I made masa dough for corn tortillas, and I folded laundry and washed dishes while Girl worked on a paper project. Girl helped me put laundry away, and then she started making the tortillas out of the dough while I cooked them in a dry cast iron skillet.


Boy and Papa got home, and Boy asked if he could make some of the tortillas from Girl’s dough. Girl said okay, and I let Papa manage helping them use the hot skillet themselves while I folded more laundry. We ate tortillas and pasta with parmesan cheese and nuts and seeds and capers and black pepper, and then the kids took baths. Boy is bathing himself now, and Girl is trying to, though she can’t manage her hair alone. While Girl was in the bath, Boy sat in the big chair in his towel, looking at a book about El Salvador.

At bed time we read a story about a boy going home to El Salvador from San Francisco for the first time since he’d had to flee with his family years earlier. The kids were mesmerized, but asleep almost before I was finished reading.

Tomorrow: first meeting of Color Wars (our new math and science club).

3 thoughts on “Day 149: Mesoamerica

    1. You should! Mine happened accidentally, because I already had a stack of library books every week, and before that, because we’d spread rocks out on the table one time to look at them, and then left them. As Unschoolers, I know we are supposed to ‘strew,’ but I’m not making that happen. So: The Discovery Table! It’s much more manageable for me. I’d love to see pictures when you get yours up and running 🙂

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