Day 147: Mexico

The kids and I made breakfast together this morning.

Then: Geography Club.

It was Mexico Day. We looked at some things, we looked at the maps, I read two books, one about Day of the Dead. We made calaveras masks, we colored flags and map pictures, we danced a special Day of the Dead dance. In this dance, boys dress up as very old men, and dance like they are tired and stiff and their backs ache. As the dance goes on, the boys grow younger and younger, until they are dancing with youth and joy. The kids danced twice just us, then once in front of everyone in the other room.

In addition to their academic endeavors, the older kids made Aztec calendars out of salt dough, and the teens colored elaborate calaveras designs. One of the moms did Day of the Dead face-painting.

We ate tacos and had (non-alcoholic) sangria. The kids played outside for an hour with swords or climbed trees.

imagejpeg952 (3)

imagejpeg952 (8)

imagejpeg952 (6)

imagejpeg952 (7) imagejpeg952 (10)imagejpeg_2imagejpeg952 (5) - Version 2

imagejpeg952 (9)

When we got home, Girl’s friend A from down the street came over to play for a short while. I heard them playing in our toy kitchen, making a pretend Day of the Dead meal so they could “remember all of our family who we love who died.” It made me happy that they seemed to grasp the spirit of the holiday, since it is such a nice tradition. Then Papa took Boy to ballet (Girl resolutely refused to go). So she and I made corn tortillas and cleaned up the house.

After dinner, Papa and I washed dishes. Boy asked if he could dry the ones that went in the kids’ area and put them away himself. He did that, and cleared and wiped their table.

At bedtime I read them the first story about Guatemala, and Boy finished Fantastic Mr. Fox on his own.

Tomorrow: co-op.

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