Day 145: Spring cleaning begins

Today is a Saturday, and the first day of spring cleaning. Pretty sure I won’t be done until sometime in April. I cleared off my stainless steel kitchen island, scrubbed it, washed everything on it, and rearranged to give the kids a work space and easy access to plastic cups, bowls, and plates. I’ve been telling them I’d do this so they can more easily start to make some simple meals for themselves.

Later I raked the cement and paver areas in the back yard, the side walk, and swept out the carport. We decided in the fall to let the back yard go ‘natural,’ since the grass was spotty to begin with and the dog was tearing up what was there.  We’re going to let the leaves and pine straw cover the ground, but we still have to clean off a couple of areas. We’ll focus on making/keeping the front yard tidy and more ‘suburban.’ After that I pumped ALL of the tires on ALL of the things with wheels, bikes to wheelbarrows, full of air so they can be used.

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