Day 141: Beeswax butterfly

Today was co-op day.

Girl had a nice morning in Play and Learn, and I was in there, too, helping with my charge. They learned about the letter ‘O’ and opposites. They did a nice craft, played some nice movement games, and listened to a nice story. During lunch she went to the nursery to play, and spent most of the hour there. A little before it was time to go to her science class, though, we all realized that she was missing. The door locks from the inside, but she must have snuck out when someone opened it. I went out to the main hall and asked if anyone had seen her; one of the moms said they’d seen her walk by a few minutes earlier. I found her sitting in her science classroom, all alone. Just waiting for everyone to come. Quietly in one of the tiny chairs, just sitting, looking straight ahead lost in thought. Sometimes I think it’s hard to overestimate what these classes can mean to the kids. How they can feel, not just like they’re doing the things that they want to do, but like they are who they want to be, that they are becoming what they want to be. And my Girl wants to be a scientist.

In Biographies this morning, Boy learned about Paul Revere, made a cork horse, and wrote a beautiful sentence. Then he had Forensics, but I didn’t hear too much about that class. (He also was fooling around with two other kids and got a bleeding mouth injury that resulted in my getting called downstairs to make sure he was okay, but whatever.) During lunch he went outside with his friends; when I checked on them they were playing baseball with icy snowballs and a pointy stick for a bat, and I saw Boy get hit right in the face, and he had snow all in his collar and down his sweater, but he shrugged it off and kept playing. So I just went back inside. After lunch he had his Fables class, and he made a beautiful beeswax butterfly.

It’s so funny, because that class, which is as far from STEM as can be, is Boy’s favorite. He chose it over the continuation of Mini-Makers. And that’s why I let the kids choose their own classes, because I think when you think you know what your kids like and are interested in, you can miss things.

The last thing Boy did today was make a working periscope from a Pringles can in Daring and Dangerous Boy’s Club. When class was over he and his friends went outside again and continued their snowball fight until it was time to go home.

We always used to watch TV after co-op while I made dinner, and usually I’d make them popcorn or something, just to relax and take it easy. But we haven’t watched any TV for a couple of weeks now, since we decided to see if that could help Boy with his meltdowns.

Today Girl changed into her snowpants and boots and went out back to play with the Dog. Boy, who’d already played outside for a while at co-op, wanted to stay inside to read. He finished the Magic Tree House book he started this morning, and then picked up a book from our Mexico-themed Learning Table and read that. At bedtime tonight he listened to two stories then started reading a play about the Underground Railroad on his own.

It’s funny that a month ago I was feeling like Boy never wanted to read and Girl never wanted to play outside.

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