Day 138: Ring around the rosy

Papa had an early car appointment this Saturday morning, and the kids were a little rambunctious when they woke up, so we had a quick piece of toast and then I sent them outdoors to play. They stayed out for an hour or so, then came in, had a bigger breakfast, and got dressed. Girl and I both had parties today, and we both needed to do shopping.  Before we left, though, Boy did some math and a page of his new grammar workbook, while Girl dressed her American Girl doll for the party, as it was a bring-your-doll-for-tea-and-cookies occasion. (Girl was given two hand-me-down dolls with ALL of their clothing, probably 15 years old,  a couple of years ago, and I was never so grateful as when we got this invitation!) Girl had to go shopping for a birthday present for her friend, a Calico Critters set from a small local store, and Girl she brought her wallet so that she could buy one for herself, as well. This was the first time Girl ever bought something with her own money. Then we went to the wine store so I could buy a bottle of pinot noir, and the grocery store to pick up our order.

While we were gone, Boy started working on a paperboard model of the Notre Dame cathedral that his Grammy and Grampy got him for his birthday.

When we got home, I got Girl ready in her best dress and braided her hair, and she picked out two bracelets and wore her pink tiara headband. We got all dressed to walk down to the party. Girl wore her rain boots but brought her gold party shoes. You could tell she felt proud of her doll, and her gift, and the card she worked so hard on yesterday, and she felt beautiful in her dress. We got all the way down to our neighbor’s house, even on the icy sidewalks, but when Girl tried to show her doll to another mom coming down the walk, she tripped and fell on the cement and ice, hard, on her hands and knees, her beautiful doll face down in the snow. I knew her knees hurt, but her pride was crushed. She’d felt like such a lady.  She went inside trying her hardest not to cry but she just looked so sad. Her little friends and the birthday girl’s sisters were so kind and sweet to her, though, that she was smiling within ten minutes or so. And she looked completely happy again by the time they got through one round of having their dolls play ring around the rosy.

I’d expected to bring Boy back with me, but older brother of the birthday girl asked him to stay and play Axis and Allies. (Boy was so thrilled with this experience that Papa told me later he came home and read an entire book about WWII off the homeschool library shelf.)

So I went home alone and got ready for my own party and made a little dinner for everyone, then picked the kids up at 5, fed them, and was on my way.

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