Day 134: Co-op

Today was only our second day at co-op this semester; last week was cancelled for snow, and the week before that Girl had a fever.

We all had a great day. It was my first day helping out in Girl’s Play and Learn class for the first two hours of the day, mostly working with one child who needs some extra attention. I loved being in Girl’s class with her, seeing all of the things they do. It was a little tough for her having me there but paying so much attention to another child. At circle time, she silently pulled her little rug square next to me, where I was sitting with the other child on my lap. Girl curled up into a little ball on her rug square, forehead to the floor, not saying a word. Maybe she was trying not to cry. I rubbed her back while we listened to the stories, and then she seemed better. She told me later that it made her a little sad that I was paying so much attention to someone else, but I explained that that was my job in her class, to help this friend of hers.

In the morning Boy had his biographies and forensics classes. In biographies they talked about George Washington, and in forensics they talked about fibers. I don’t know much more than that, though hopefully I can get more details out of him tomorrow, if we have time for chatting.

At lunch time Girl went to the nursery with all of her little girl cohort to play for an hour. Boy ate lunch at a table with one of his friends, then they went outside and ran around until it was time for their third class, fables. They all introduced themselves to each other this time, and the teacher told me later that Boy announced that there were three important things about him: 1) That he was strong enough to lift 20 lbs., which is almost half his bodyweight, because he weighs 45 lbs., 2) That he has $519, and that’s the truth, and, 3) That he is good at math. The adult helper in that class sat with Boy during the art project to make sure he didn’t get overwhelmed (much like I’m helping my little charge in the mornings).

After lunch Girl had her science class. They made rainbow milk paint, and then made a drawing of what it looked like. Girl made a numbered picture list across the top of her page of the things we would need to do this at home.

What you need for rainbow milk, according to Girl’s picture list: 1) Q-tip, 2) Liquid soap, 3) Food coloring, 4) Tub, 5) [something], 6) Smock/apron.
Last period Boy had Daring and Dangerous Club for Boys, where they were visited by a Navy air traffic controller who talked to them about what he does. Girl hung out in the nursery for a bit, then asked if she could sit out in the main room and listen to ladies talk (something she really enjoys).

When we left, it was snowing. We drove home and the kids played outside with the dog for a bit, before coming in for popcorn.

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