Day 132: Fog and water

After rain all last night on snow, this morning started off with fog.


I started making beans and corn tortillas this morning while the kids went directly to Boy’s room to start building with Duplos. Boy built a warehouse. Girl made a series of small structures and dolls: Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks, the ‘Army King.’


After eating tortillas, the kids got dressed to play outside.

It wasn’t cold, almost warm, despite the lingering snow and fog, and they were outside for a couple of hours, playing in the slushy snow and the water cascading off the roof.

I was thinking today how sometimes I don’t actually know very much about their day, because if they are getting along they don’t really want me around for pretty long stretches. This was one of those kind of days. I did go outside to bring some trash at one point, and they were stirring ‘soup for for the snow people’ in the big red bucket with a hockey stick; it looked like it was made with roof water, slush, and chunks of ice they’d collected.


Eventually, while pushing a Cozy Coupe through a puddle at least three inches deep, Girl slipped and fell into the water. I happened to be right there, so I scooped her up and brought her inside, got her wet clothes off, and put her right in the bath.  Once I had her snuggled on the chair, I brought the nearly-as-wet Boy inside for a bath, too.

After baths, Papa put together a globe puzzle with them, and then Girl played in her area while Boy read about Alexander Graham Bell for a while.


We decided a week or so ago when Boy was really having meltdowns that we should put all TV watching on hold for a while. We all love TV, but Papa and I also know that it just isn’t good for little minds when it comes down to it. And especially if one of the kids is in a rough patch, seeking refuge in television probably isn’t the best tactic. We’ve been really surprised that the kids haven’t complained, nor have they tried to turn TV on in the mornings. But I will say that a couple of times I have missed the kids watching TV. Tonight was one of those times. What to do with them? They were being ornery, I was making dinner, we just had to get them through…exactly the times that moms and dads are like, hey, guys, how about a show? But Papa offered to put together an erector set with them. I was in the other room, but it sounded pretty horrendous.

Still, isn’t a hilariously awful half-hour building an erector set with your dad better than a half hour watching Batman? TV is a break from life. I want their days to be filled with life, even, maybe especially, the boring ornery parts.

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