Day 131: Thaw

This morning after breakfast (Papa made french toast sticks from leftover baguette) Boy wanted to get outside as soon as possible before the snow started melting. I transcribed several chapters of Girl’s musk ox story for her, and after a little bit Girl joined Boy outside. They cut snow blocks, gathered icicles and collected different ice shapes off the ground where water had run off the roof and then refrozen.

IMG_4404 IMG_4405 IMG_4409 IMG_4413

When they came back in, I got out the big bin of Duplos from the closet, and the kids went into Boy’s room, closed the door, and built practically all day until dinner. Papa and I took turns taking naps.

Tonight at bedtime Papa finished reading the kids a couple of books about Mexico that they started last night when I was at dinner, and then I read Girl one of her nature magazines.

Tomorrow should be another nice day at home, though I’ll need to get a number of things ready for Geography Club on Monday. Maybe we can finally make tortillas!!

This morning when we woke up the pipes were frozen for the second day in a row (I thawed them outside with a blow dryer and an extension cord), and while the snow started to melt today, it’s far from gone. It’s raining now, though, so we’ll see what we wake up to tomorrow. But it should be nearly 50 degrees!

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