Day 130: The last very cold day

Today we did more math, more letters. Girl wrote upper and lower case H’s, and we came up with many words beginning with ‘h’ giving mimed hints to each other. I left the house for the first time since the snow, driving on our crazily iced, rutted, and snow-mounded unplowed city streets to bring Boy to a violin lesson. Tomorrow the snow will probably all melt away since the temperatures will go up.

Girl played outside by herself with the dog. Snow pants are a miracle for her; she can stay outside for so long with them on. I am so grateful to our friend who gave them to us.

IMG_4391 IMG_4392IMG_4394

Boy decided to try drawing one of his Lego figures: an angry looking skeleton guy with red eyes. (Goodness knows what set he’s from; I really have no idea.) Boy asked for my help with a couple of things, the various circles and the ribs. Everything else is his. We laughed because his eyes are supposed to look scary, but the way I drew the pupils, he just looks like he’s rolling his eyes with exasperation.


Girl drew many pictures in her journal for her musk-ox story, and dictated at least five ‘chapters’ of writing. The Mumma musk-ox lost six babies, and has only found two, so I guess we’ll be working on this for a while. Girl is very proud to have her own journal. I think she really likes the MBTP curriculum for her age, but of course I give her control over what we do from it.

This evening I walked across the street to have dinner at my neighbor’s house with a number of other neighbor-ladies. It was difficult and a little exasperating trying to get there with all of the frozen snow and unsanded ice. It was shockingly slippery and treacherous. But I didn’t fall. It’s hard to imagine that tomorrow or the next day it will all be gone.

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