Day 129: Alphabet

Math today for Boy, letters and numbers for Girl, and she started a ‘journal’ in which she drew several pictures of muskoxen and dictated the beginnings of a story to me. It was supposed to just be ‘a story’ but we are several chapters in; Girl is taking this assignment more seriously than MBTP probably envisioned.

IMG_4381 IMG_4380

Girl knew more letters than she did yesterday.

IMG_4385 IMG_4383



(After that the kids were playing outside in the absolutely blue-sky brilliantly sunny 20 degree weather for more than an hour, chopping up chunks of hard icy snow with a hockey stick and the broken off end of my edging spade in order to build ‘houses,’ climbing, adventuring, lying on the snow, and just generally having fun with each other, the dog, and the universe.)

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