Day 118: Rock wall and Zen spa

When I got up this morning Papa was already up with the kids, making french toast sticks from a baguette we got yesterday. After breakfast the kids asked Papa to put on some ‘blues’ music, and they staged a Lego Friends dance party.

IMG_4246 IMG_4250

Then it was time to get Boy ready to go.

Boy and Girl had very different activities today. Boy went to another birthday party, this time at a local YMCA with a rock-climbing wall. Papa said he was very brave and did a great job climbing, something he’d never done before.

He had a great time at the party overall with his buddies.

downsized_0208051229b downsized_0208051229c downsized_0208051413a

Girl wanted to go to the party, but we realized at the last minute that she would probably be bored and unhappy, and complain copiously. So we kept her home, and she was NOT happy, so I promised we’d have a spa day, and I’d do her nails.

I gave her a bath and set her up in her ‘spa chair’ in her fleece bathrobe, put some ‘Zen spa’ music on Spotify, and got things out to paint her nails and brush her hair. Girl looked delighted. When I sat down to start on her little piggies, though, her face clouded over, and I asked her what was wrong. She stammered a little but finally got it out that she wondered if I might have a tub that one could soak one’s feet in….? Why, yes! I said, I had exactly such a tub. Would she like to soak her feet and have a lotion massage before we painted her nails? Yes, she would like that very much.

IMG_4254 IMG_4265 IMG_4269

I put warm water in the tub with some essential oils and let her soak her feet while I brushed her wet hair out (she had some terrible tangles). The zen spa music, the essential oils, and the sunshine coming though the big windows, all really infused the house with a spa feel. Girl seemed so relaxed, so happy. I gave her smooth stones to hold, then dried one foot off at a time, massaged her feet and legs with lotion, then (finally) painted her toesies. (She’d gone to a spa for her birthday with Nana and me, so I kind of knew what she had in mind.) While her feet were drying I did her hands. I heard her murmuring something to herself about how I was painting them so carefully because I was ‘caring about (her) so much.’

Even the dog could feel the zen spa vibe.

When all her nails were dried we went in to her room and picked out an outfit, and I could tell she was feeling kind of special and wanted to get a little fancy. She asked me to braid her hair, then said, Maybe a necklace would look nice…

I asked, would you like to put on your good jewelry? So we got out her special jewelry box that sits on top of my dresser, and unpacked all the little boxes, with the antique platinum baby ring her grandparents got her for her baptism, and a delicate matching set of silver necklace and bracelet with dangling bunny charms, made in France, that the Easter bunny brought her one year.

So we got Girl all dressed up, and set out on a walk for the park. But when we got down the street, Girl suggested shyly that maybe we could see if her friend A was outside. It was a gorgeous GORGEOUS day, and we’d inadvertently spent most of it indoors, and I know Girl wanted to play, and probably also she wanted someone to appreciate her in her finery. Long story short, I left Girl in the company of our neighbors, and walked back home alone. By this time I had barely any time to clean anything (my original plan for the day) before Boy and Papa came home.

Boy immediately wanted to join Girl at our neighbor’s house, so I walked him down there, too.

I had to meet some other women at a coffee shop for a co-op meeting, and was there for three hours. When I got home the kids were in bed already, wanting to say goodnight to me, but so tired they could barely keep their eyes open. They had a good day.

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