Day 117: Cheese cubes and a drafting compass

Today, a Saturday, was milder than it has been. I made pancakes first thing, and Papa played outside with the dog before he went to the gym while the kids watched Batman and played. Boy took the dog out again. When Papa got back, he took the kids to Walmart (the only big store close to us) so Boy could get a present for his friend, and to Harris Teeter to get some groceries, since I forgot to do an order last week.

Papa reported later that the kids were running slightly wild in HT. They are mad for free samples, and run around trying to get as many as they can. Normally they aren’t really wild children in public situations, and mostly they listen to us, but something about small cubes of cheese with toothpicks in them under a plastic dome on a pedestal just makes them crazy.  At one point, Papa said, Boy had honey on his hands from small pieces of glazed bread which Papa had told him not to get, but he did anyway. Then Papa said to stay right with the cart while he got a wipe for Boy’s hands, and the second his back was turned Boy made a run for a platter of grapefruit pieces, returning with two on toothpicks for himself and Girl. Boy understood what they were and avoided the rind, but Girl did not and just took a bite.


She should not have eaten the rind, said Boy to himself quietly.

In short, poor Papa.

While they were gone, I headed down the street with an enormous tote bag (a 31 gift from my mother-in-law) filled with North American stuffed animals and books about the Eastern US. I met with my neighbor-friend, fellow homeschooler, and now co-teacher, Miss P. Actually, I think she is kind of my boss in some sense, since I am her assistant in two different teaching venues this semester: Geography Club and the Play and Learn class at co-op.

In any case, it was time for us to come up with a concrete plan for Monday’s meeting, and then do some preliminary planning for the next couple of weeks after that.

When I got home the kids were watching tv again and Papa was just lying on the couch (which makes sense now in light of his suffering in Harris Teeter). Girl wanted me to practice her Spanish words with her (a really nice Spanish picture/word book had been left at co-op months ago, and Miss G who runs the co-op gave it to Girl). Girl likes this book so much she copied all of the words from its cover.

All of the words on the cover of Girl's Spanish book.
Hide & Speak Spanish with Flaps. Hide the words, rember them, say them aloud.

We practiced farm animals and parts of the body. Then Girl said she wanted to play on, which she hasn’t done in a while, so she got busy racing cheetahs and making robots while I tried to clean up a little, though I didn’t get very far.

There was a box on the front step and I opened it to find a couple of things I’d ordered for the kids: two wooden rulers, one for each of them, and a student drafting kit for boy: protractors, angles, two compasses, a pencil sharpener and an eraser.  I showed Boy how to use the compass, telling him it was hard to get the hang of it and he should prepare to feel frustrated, but he got it very quickly and commenced making a page full of circles. I told him this was a real engineer’s kit, and it was something I wanted to give to him.


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