Day 116: Not an ordinary princess

This morning when I asked if Girl wanted to go outside with Boy and the dog, she gave me an incredulous look and said, No. I’m a princess.

Don’t princesses go outside? No, she said. Not even to stroll around their gardens? I have people to work in my gardens, she said. I have important work. I have to take care of my children. My daughter has gotten a poisonous bite, and I have to heal her.

After I finished helping Boy with his shoes and he went out back, Girl asked me to carry some things into Boy’s room for her. “Magic stuffs,” she explained. My daughter got a poisonous bite, and I have to heal her. This is magical stuff to heal my daughter. And showed me where she was caring for her daughter (a stuffed animal on Boy’s bed, with other animals arranged around it.) She told me her dog (who was dressed in a nurse’s outfit) helped keep an eye on things when she was needed elsewhere.

The princess' daughter being healed of a poisonous bite, with the helpers.
The princess’ daughter being healed of a poisonous bite, with the helpers.

I went out to fold laundry and she came out in a bit. This is what she told me about herself:

I’m not just an ordinary princess, I have special powers. I have the power of healing, and the power of peace. Those are the most important powers, because everyone needs healing, and everybody needs peace. So if someone gets hurt in a war, or if somebody gets a poisonous bite, no worries, because I have the healing power, and if someone needs the Ender dragon to be quiet and harmless, I have the peace powers so I can make the dragon be harmless. Those are all the reasons why I need my powers, and the whole world and the whole castle needs my powers.

Do you want to know why I carry this cookie around? It has the number 10 on it, and the number 10 is the main number of magic. Do you want to know I why carry this cookie around all the time? This cookie carries the magic in it, and it keeps the magic in me. And it has the extra magic in it. It has all the main colors of the castle. The royal main color of our castle is red. That’s why this cookie is so special to me. I told you everything about my magic that I know but there is one more thing that is important about my cookie and my magic, but it’s secret, and it is so special I don’t want to tell to anybody. If I tell it to anybody, the magic will be broken.


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