Day 114: Batman and Lego Friends

We were tired today, what with the guests in our recent past and all the activities of the last two days, and the kids just did not want to go anywhere. We had a glitch that made us miss violin, so we also skipped games day at the library, and the kids sat and ate snacks and watched episodes of Batman almost all day.

In fact, Girl woke up first today, which almost never happens. She got up and turned on the television, put on Netflix, found Batman, and played an episode. Girl was very pleased with herself. Boy slept until almost 8, and when he woke up he said he’d been having ‘a beautiful dream’ in which he was building his skyscraper with his ‘workers.’

Well, I guess they didn’t watch Batman all day.

Boy played outside with the dog for a while. After maybe a half hour he came up to the communications window and yelled for me to come outside. When I asked him why, he said, Just come outside. So I did. And I asked him, What? He told me he’d hit the dog. I told him I was really proud of him for telling me. We talked while he circled me, kicking a pinecone and looking at the ground, every once in a while stopping to look at me. He explained what happened (the dog knocked him over and it hurt his knee, and she kept jumping on his back while he was on the ground and it was still smarting, and he got angry). And then we talked about why it isn’t fair to get angry at her (she doesn’t understand), but it’s understandable (he’s human), and we talked about what to do next time.

Later, Boy’s Lego Friends set arrived in the mail from Uncle B–a combined birthday/Christmas present. He was so excited. He said, Some day all boys will know what they’re missing: Lego Friends. He started working on it immediately, and I got out a big Lego set we’d set aside from Girl’s birthday for her: Cinderella’s castle. They spent the next couple of hours doing that, before Boy went to ballet and Girl got back to her Batman episodes.

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