Day 108: Squeezy hugs

This morning we had to bring the dog to the breeder for grooming, and by the time we got back it was 10:30, which gave us only a couple of hours before our afternoon playdate.

Boy had started reading his Zita book this morning, and finished in the car. He tends to not remember the names of characters, so we played a game on the way home, where he told me about the different characters, and then went back in the book to find their names. So now he knows the names of Zita’s friends who will appear in her further adventures: Piper, Mouse, Strong-strong, One, Randy.

When we got home, Girl just wanted to play on her own in her area, and didn’t even want me seeing what she was doing.

Boy sat down with me on the couch and we read through his math textbook for a bit, then he did some exercises.

After that we ate lunch and got ready to go.

We drove to our friends’ home, friends we’ve known since Boy and their oldest son were in PreK-3 together. They have another son who is also friends with Boy, and a girl who is very good buddies with our Girl. And they are all friends together.  These kids go to an (excellent) public school around the corner from their house, but didn’t have school today, so we seized the opportunity for a playdate.

And I love these kids. I genuinely do. It’s funny how that can sneak up on you, when you’ve known kids since they were very small. We hadn’t seen them since October, and I just wanted to give the three of them great big squeezy hugs. They are enormously huggable children. They are funny and smart and good, and I hope my kids know them for their whole lives.

The girls did a craft together, coloring little wooden shapes with markers and gluing them to construction paper. The boys played upstairs for a while, then all five bundled up and went outside together with various Nerf weaponry, and ran around shooting the soft darts at each other. Having riotous fun.

And I sat curled on the couch with the mom while we chatted about this and that. Such a nice afternoon.

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