Day 98: The couch

There’s not much more to say about today than that, really: Girl and I were on the couch. Her sleeping, still sick, me on my laptop, looking up books and otherwise trying to make good use of the time. Papa called the nurse and got some advice. We’ll bring her in if she’s not better tomorrow. She’s visibly thinner. The last of her baby fat, her little tummy, gone. How does that happen in three days?

Papa took the rest of the family to the zoo for a bit this afternoon, mostly so Boy could get out of the house. They bought a stuffed animal for Girl, a red panda, one of her favorites. She’s hugging it right now in her sleep.

While they were gone the dog came over and sniffed couch-sleeping Girl, disappeared, came back with her (kind of gross) stuffed raccoon, carefully placed it right by Girl’s body, licked her hand, and then sat down by her facing the window in the on-guard position. Good girl, I told her.  Such a good girl.

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