Day 97: Girl’s day of rest

What I didn’t say about Boy’s birthday adventure yesterday is that Girl got terribly sick mid-hike.

Poor Girl. At first we thought she was just being cute.
Poor Girl. At first we thought she was just being cute.

Papa carried her back to the visitor center, and ultimately the head parks officer drove her and Papa back to the parking lot in his own vehicle. She is sick still tonight, after a difficult night last night, and a day on the couch today. She was such a cup-half-full Girl, though, today, trying to make the best of it.

Making her ‘rest-day’ to do list

When she felt well enough to do anything, she started drawing on her little tray. She drew countdown ‘calendars’ of the number of days until Boy’s birthday, and the number of days until Nana and Uncle J go home. She asked me to  draw her a Christmas tree and a leaf, so that she could make her calendars.

Five days until Boy’s birthday
Nine days until Nana and Uncle J go home.

After that she asked if I could think of any more calendars, and I suggested instead that she make one of her wonderful picture-lists, things she’d like to do when she gets better. She liked that idea, but instead she made a list of things she would do today, on her ‘day of rest.’

img058 - Version 2

She checked things off the list as she went. After four items, she fell asleep for three hours, then woke up and finished the list. (Its items included things like, rest, draw, watch tv, have mumma read a story, get love from mumma, rest, draw, give mumma a hug, watch more tv.)

After her nap she asked me to suggest something to draw, and I suggested she draw our adventure walk yesterday. To her credit, she still views it as an adventure, and she made a lovely memento drawing.

Our adventure walk.

Girl drew the trail, end to end, and the things we saw along the way. An eagle, pine forest, ‘windy’ live oaks, deer tracks, a little ‘water with sticks’ (pond with reeds), the snack table and ‘big water with birds.’

She also drew two number lines to compare them: the number of days that Nana and Uncle J were to be here in total, and the number of days they still have left.

Number line comparison

I have noticed a real uptick in Girl’s interest in numbers: counting things, writing numbers, adding and subtracting, comparing sets. The other day we were talking about division, and Girl chimed in with, “I know what that is! It’s when you draw a line to make two parts, like if you have two, and you draw a line, and then you have one, and one.” Today she asked me to count to a hundred, and counted with me as best she could.

But now she is asleep again, out here on the couch with me (it’s not safe to leave her alone in case she starts throwing up). I’m so hoping she has a better night than last night, and she starts feeling better tomorrow.

Boy had a good day, too, I think, though I didn’t spend much time with him. I was on the couch with Girl almost all day (we couldn’t leave her alone, and she wanted me). He built his own big yellow beach transporter, like the one we were supposed to ride in yesterday, but that broke down.

Boy’s beach transporter

He played with his uncle and his Nana and his dad.  He took his Nana on an hour long walk around the neighborhood after the rain stopped. It was lovely and warm today, and it’s always pretty after rain.

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