Day 94: Nana’s back!

Nana’s back for a twelve day visit for Papa’s and Boy’s birthdays, and this time she brought Uncle J. Uncle J is Papa’s older brother, who is developmentally disabled, a great guy, and a great uncle. He’s always been very patient with the kids, and will listen to them talk about their interests pretty much forever.

We met them at the airport at 9:30am. Girl immediately started telling Nana about herself. She talked about how she used to be afraid of escalators but now she’s not, except a little when it’s time to step on and off. She told Nana how sometimes she has to go to the eye doctor and get drops of ‘cold water’ put in her eyes, and that she doesn’t like it, but she’s brave. In the car on the way home she told Nana that now she knows about “addition and taking away”: Like, if you have 2, and you take away 1, then it equals 1. If you have 3, and you add 2, then it equals 5. (In other news, Girl surprised me this morning by being able to count to 20. Yay!)

When we got home, Girl showed Nana the ‘historic village’ she built yesterday, and started doing things like playing her flute for them and singing songs. Boy meanwhile showed Uncle J all of his Lego sets and creations, and Uncle J was very impressed and interested.

Boy and his uncle checking out the AT-AT.
Boy and his uncle checking out the AT-AT.

At 1pm we needed to be at a different library branch, one we’d never been to before, for a homeschool art program. (Right before getting in the car Girl’s first loose tooth came out!! So exciting.) Girl’s friend’s mom is the head librarian there, and she contacted me a while ago about setting something up. I didn’t have anything to do with the content of the program, but I did have something to do with coordinating with the community and getting people there. It was well attended, and fun for the kids, so that was nice.

Then we went home bringing one of Boy’s friends with us so his mom could pick him up at 3pm. They played outside with toy guns and the dog, and then came inside and built things quietly with Legos in Boy’s room.

For the rest of the afternoon and early evening I puttered and made arrangements for this and that thing online (various plans are in various stages of development) and got some snacks and finally some dinner but crucially did not get any cleaning done. Just one of those days. So tired. I keep wondering, when will a morning happen that I wake up feeling good and awake and rested? I’m hoping that I have a good energetic day tomorrow, because it would be nice to re-establish some semblance of order and tidiness before all the activities of the next week and a half. News of all that to follow.

But today ended with putting Girl’s first tiny perfect baby tooth under her pillow. It’s adult replacement is already making it’s way up and out.

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