Day 93: Fancy sweaters

On Wednesdays, now, we have violin lesson in the early afternoon, followed by Homeschool Board Game Club for two hours at our favorite library branch, and then Boy has a ballet lesson in the early evening. So really, their only free time is in the morning.

On this Wednesday morning, which was quite cold and rainy, both kids got up before me and started watching PBS Kids, snuggled under a blanket together. (We turn the heat down to 62 degrees overnight, and this makes them quite cuddly with each other before I turn the heat back up.)

Kiddos snuggled in big chair under a blanket in the morning.

I coaxed them out from under their blanket with some hot oatmeal (with honey and cinnamon and milk), however, and then talked them into clothes and sweaters and booties. On the topic of sweaters (you can see one in the picture above), Boy said to me today, Mumma, have you noticed anything about me, that I’ve been wearing a lot of fancy sweaters? I told him that, yes, I had noticed, and thought he looked very handsome. Yeah…, he agreed. And went on to explain: It’s in the season of January, in the season of my birthday, and I like to wear a lot of fancy sweaters at that time of the year. And it’s true. Next week Boy will be eight years old. Wear a fancy sweater and think of him.

Girl spent the morning setting up a (to paraphrase her description) historical family compound with Playmobile figures, and playing games on, as she has been every day.

Playmobile Family compound
Playmobile Family compound

Boy and I covered the division unit in his Level 1B Singapore Math books in one day. And by the end of today, after thinking about division on and off, he said to me that “200 divided by 3 is 66 with 2 remainders.” Not a bad day’s work on the math front!

Boy, working out what division is like with manipulatives.
Boy, working out what division is like with manipulatives.

Violin went quite well. Tears started to well up in Boy’s eyes at one point, but he regained composure quickly. He played a couple of great duets with his teacher on the piano, and we have some good things to work on over the next couple of weeks. Girl copied down all the numbers off the clock during lesson, and added some letters/words to her words page from last week.


Numbers 1-12, copied from the wall clock in the violin lesson room, by Girl.
Numbers 1-12, copied from the wall clock in the violin lesson room, by Girl.

After that we headed to the library, and it was a little homeschool party in the meeting room. Five or so of Boy’s good friends were there, and a couple of Girl’s as well, and other older children. The boys played games for two hours. For a while Miss J Our Favorite Librarian was playing Sorry with 4 or 5 kids, Boy included. She was, as always, very patient and helpful. Then when some people left he was playing a game with sticks…and marbles…in a tower…the name is escaping me, with two of his buddies. And finally he played two rounds of chess with an older boy, our neighbor. I believe he got soundly beaten in pretty much every game of everything, but he didn’t seem to mind. Which is fabulous.

Girl was playing various small-girl games with her friends in a corner of the floor for a good hour. Sometimes they got adult help and may have been playing by rules, at other times probably making up their own methods of game-play, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves. When they got bored we set them up with an art project, making “Picassos” of their own, with a template, cut-out eyes and mouths, scissors, glue and crayons.

Girl's Picasso Princess
Girl’s Picasso Princess

Princess [Girl], wearing a winter scarf and hat.
Princess [Girl], wearing a winter scarf and hat.
It was a lovely, lovely way to spend an afternoon. And I’m 1) grateful to our library for hosting it, and 2) looking forward to doing this weekly.

Tomorrow: We go to the airport in the morning to pick up Nana and Uncle J!!

2 thoughts on “Day 93: Fancy sweaters

    1. MJoFL, I salute you. He was really good doing watercolors at the Art Lab today, too. I think the more games and art we can do with him, the better. (And you know, everyone really loves the games days. Big hit.)


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