Day 92: Big dog, small Boy

Tonight’s post will need to be brief because I went out for a beer and a burger with a friend, and then g-chatted with an old graduate school classmate, and thereby used up all the evening hours I would usually have for writing, and then some. It’s late!

IMG_4003 IMG_4001IMG_4005 - Version 2

We started off the morning with Boy painting and Girl working on her Lego set, then Girl started doing I can’t say enough about what a great experience she’s having on their site. For a kid who’s just not that interested in doing sit-down book work, she LOVES their educational games. She explores on her own, and tries out different games on different pages. If something is too hard, or buggy, she’ll move on to another game. But she’s been doing things with numbers, and letters, and sorting, and science, you name it.

Boy and I took the dog out back for a while. It’s fun to watch the two of them play. He finished the review exercises in his math workbook (so we can start on division tomorrow), and he played really well in violin practice. His teacher will be really happy to hear how good his double stop is sounding.

The kids were ‘wrestling’ in the living room, and wouldn’t listen to me asking them to stop. Girl fell and hit the back of her head on the table, which was scary for me. I had to tell Girl that SHE needed to make good safe choices, and that she couldn’t trust Boy to do that. I hated having to say it, but for whatever reason Girl is already better able to know when something is just a bad idea sometimes. I could tell that Girl realized that wrestling around a lot of furniture was likely to result in getting hurt again, and she probably won’t do it. Boy was upset that I was basically telling her not to trust him, and I tried to tell him that we all love him, and that I know he will learn to make good choices. But in the meantime, Girl can’t be getting hurt like that.

He was quiet for a while, and then I could see that he was trying to be a good big guy. He went out and got the mail and a package without my asking, and did a couple of other things around the house. Then he tried to take the dog out to go pee on the leash, and when I noticed that they hadn’t come right back in, I looked out the window for them. No Boy. No Dog.

I ran in the back yard, no Boy, no Dog. No one answering my calls. When I ran out front again I could hear a faint little voice, “Mumma! Over here!”

It turned out that the dog had gotten excited about something and dragged poor Boy down the driveway and down the sidewalk. He couldn’t stop her because she weighs more than he does. But he wouldn’t let go of the leash. He was responsible for her. He said he’d tried to ‘command’ her to go back in the yard, but she just wouldn’t listen. What a little trooper this kid is, I thought. And every time he messes something up and things go wrong or he gets in trouble, he just tries again to do the right thing and be the kind of person he wants to be. He never gives up. It makes me so proud.

2 thoughts on “Day 92: Big dog, small Boy

    1. Thank you, Josh, though (Ugh!) it didn’t necessarily feel like awesome mothering at the time. It felt like a bit of a mess. It’s so hard, sometimes, to think on one’s feet, and think up an appropriate response in half a second, especially in situations that bring on strong emotions. But I, too, keep trying 😉

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