Day 91: Paints and arrays

It was another very rainy day today, so we were home inside until it was time for ballet in the late afternoon.

I’d promised Boy he could have the first turn on the laptop this morning to work on He worked on using loops and functions, as well as geometry and degrees, in the artist program.

IMG_3988 IMG_3987

We had to figure out how many degrees he needed to turn to make different shapes depending on how many angles the shape has, divided into 360 degrees. Triangle: 3 angles, so 360/3 = 120 degree turns. Hexagon: 6 angles, so 360/6 = 60 degrees. And so on. You can see one of the crazy designs he was making. He still gets confused by loops, and doesn’t quite get what a function is, but he’s still learning so much, in just a week or so! I’ll try to sit down with him and explain things and do things in a little more structured/thorough way this week.

Girl was jealous of Boy’s turn on the laptop, so I asked what she wanted to do. And what she wanted to do was paint, so I set her up in the kitchen with the easel. First she did a ‘splatter’ painting.

IMG_3989 IMG_3993

Then she made a picture of her and her friend doing an ‘experiment’ and me telling them that a snack was ready.


Next Boy said he was done coding and wanted to paint, but I told him that Girl’s paintings had to dry, and that he could have a turn first thing tomorrow morning. (It’s always a bit of an issue that if one kid sees the other kid doing something, they want to, too. Instead of trying to make provisions for them to do things simultaneously, I’m starting to try telling them that they can have the next turn with whatever it is, even if that ‘turn’ is a different part of the day or the next day.)

Instead of starting on his math right away, Boy started drawing the skyscraper that he has been imagining building. He wants to tape pictures of a city up on his wall in his room, a collaborative project with Girl. These are two of the building drawings they did today, and I’ll update on the project as it proceeds:

The lower floors and entry to Boy's skyscraper.
The lower floors and entry to Boy’s skyscraper.
House, by Girl
House, by Girl

Again, something Boy is doing independently dovetailed nicely with his math lesson. Today we talked about arrays (arrangements of objects into rows and columns), and when I asked Boy to think about examples, he produced his drawing immediately. Arrays provide a good way to visualize multiplication problems. Boy finished the last multiplication problems in his workbook, and as soon as he finishes the Review pages, we can start on division.

While we did math, Girl had a turn on the laptop, and learned about the structure of the ear with a Cat in the Hat game on Then after some free play time (and a brief nap for me) we all had a pretty substantial snack and started getting ready for ballet.

In other news, we found Ted the Real Girl Bear, Girl’s favorite stuffed animal who she contends quite seriously is alive, and who had been missing. After a happy reunion, Ted had a snack of a carrot, and after being denied her own turn on the laptop (this was hotly contested, because Ted has never played a Cat in the Hat Game, and would like it so much), she went into hibernation in her cave with her friend Floppy Ears. So I’m not sure how much we’ll be seeing of Ted in the next few weeks, but is is very good to know she is safe.

Ted the Real Girl Bear, in hibernation.
Ted the Real Girl Bear, in hibernation.

Tomorrow morning Boy has been promised easel time first thing, and Girl gets a turn on the laptop, and we’ll see how the day proceeds from there.

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