Day 90: Blanket tents and football

As I suspected might be the case, the girls falling asleep last night was not the last I heard from them. Girl woke up crying in the middle of the night, and I scooped her up and carried her back to my bed so she didn’t wake up her friend.  Girl did not appreciate this, however, and wailed You ruined my sleepover! You ruined it! But I had almost managed to get her calmed down and back to sleep when I heard Girl’s friend whimpering and calling for us, so I went back out. Who could blame her for being upset? It’s cold on the floor, she’d kicked off her blankets, and she woke up in a strange place without her friend. So I carried her back to my bed, too, and we spent the rest of the night all three of us together.

The agenda.
The agenda.

This morning they were awake bright and pretty early. Well, Girl’s friend was awake early, but I convinced her to stay in bed for a bit until Girl woke up. We all got up at 8am, and the girls were ready to start on the list of things they’d written the night before.

First, I made them a blanket tent.

Blanket tent in the play area.

Then I gave them toast and started the movie Box Trolls, and made them popcorn and hot cocoa, as specified on the list.

While they were watching I tried to get the kitchen cleaned from yesterday so I could make pancakes for brunch. After the movie the girls sat in the sunny play area and dressed up stuffed animals, then after pancakes all the kids went outside to play with the dog. A little after noon our guest’s mom arrived to retrieve her. We sat and chatted and packed stuffed animals and little toothbrush and sleeping bag and pillow and very small articles of clothing while the kids played outside some more in the bright but brisk winter sunshine.

On their way out to the car we passed our NEXT guest arriving: Papa’s friend from work, who came to watch football.

Pretty much the rest of the day I spent in iterations of making food and washing dishes. Coffee, popcorn, hot dogs, nachos.

I think everyone had a pretty good Sunday. This mom is ready for bed, though. I had both kids in their beds and asleep by 7pm, and I’ll be following them soon.

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