Day 88: Everybody’s doing math

It was too cold to walk at the botanical gardens with friends like we’d planned. But some pretty good math happened today:

1) Girl did an Odd Squad game on today that asked her to measure gaps in a tube, and then find combinations of tubing to fill the gap. This required her to add numbers within 10, and so she used linking cubes to figure out what combinations of numbers would make the total she needed.

2) Over lunch, Boy told me that if he charged someone $24/night to stay in his skyscraper (he has been talking a lot about building a skyscraper), and someone stayed for a week, they would owe him $168.

3) This dovetailed beautifully with today’s math lesson, which was…multiplication stories! We read the textbook together, then he did all the exercises for that section.

Other than that, let’s see…Boy played violin, played outside with the dog, and spent a long time experimenting with creating drawing programs on  Girl helped me do laundry and practiced writing letters and numbers at her table.

Girl's number and letter practice.
Girl’s number and letter practice.

I also found a bunch of drawings that she must have done recently.

img050 img051 img052 img053 img054

And that, in a nutshell, was our Friday.

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