Day 80: Now it’s 2015

Today we went for a hike at a nearby arboretum with homeschooling friends. A lot of them. There were maybe 15 families, and hikers broke up into groups: teens, little girls, little boys. It was lovely.

The kids started the new year off with some math, bright and early. They made worksheets for themselves and each other, and Boy showed Girl how to use manipulatives to help her figure out addition and subtraction problems. She’s working really hard on writing her numbers properly.

The math worksheet that Boy made for Girl, and manipulatives.
Girl's math worksheet that she made for herself.
Girl’s math worksheet that she made for herself.

And, Oh! My Gosh! I just noticed by looking at the picture above that Girl is holding her pencil correctly, not with her idiosyncratic overhand grasp! Woohoo! I knew that would happen eventually if I didn’t give her a hard time about it…but that’s a pretty exciting way to start off a new year, her Year of Being Five.

Further Tales of Girl:

1. Yesterday I woke up from a nap to Girl yelling at her dad and him vainly trying to calm her down. I heard: “You’re crushing my dream!!” Apparently, she wanted to do an ‘experiment’ using cinnamon and some other things, but Papa thought she was saying ‘pyramid’ and was understandably confused. And I quickly figured out that what she wanted to do was to make ‘lava’ and what she actually needed was baking soda and vinegar (and paprika for red coloring, which made her happy). Papa said later that she was talking about how she needed to do this as part of her training as a museologist.

2. Today she got mad at us in the car for not wanting her to look at the sun with her binoculars (we were going on a hike and so she had her nature exploration pack). Boy asked her how many fingers he was holding up (to make sure she wasn’t blind) and she hollered, “Two! Good Lord!” and then she told all of us that she wished she was a wild animal so she could live in the wild and not have to listen to our rules and she could do exactly as she pleased.

Girl, with her nature exploration pack and her friends.
Girl, with her nature exploration pack and her friends.

These things make me so strangely proud. (I’m sure she gets it that she can’t look at the sun with her binoculars. But she just won’t back down in a fight.)

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