Days 73-75: Christmas

We had a good Christmas with family. On Christmas Eve, we finished our puzzle.


Then Papa helped the kids make a gingerbread house. They did a fabulous job.

IMG_3767 IMG_3766 IMG_3765 IMG_3764

On Christmas morning the kids opened presents. Boy got a lot of Lego sets, to his delight. Girl loved her fairy ‘rainforest’ and also particularly liked the snap-circuits Auntie S got her.

IMG_3787 IMG_3780

Poppy and Grandma L made us a wonderful Christmas dinner. Here is Girl in her fancy Christmas outfit. The skirt was made by one of our friends; the shirt was made by one of Nana’s friends.


Yesterday the rest of the family went to the zoo while I stayed home and took a nap (I’m still recovering a little). They said they heard one of the tigers roaring. Then last night we left the kids home and went out to eat for our anniversary, which was great fun.

Today Poppy and Grandma L said goodbye, and of course the kids were pretty sad. Boy cried a couple of tears.

I wanted to take Boy to see the last Hobbit movie in 3-D, so we left Girl at home with Papa. On the way, we needed to get two birthday presents for a party Boy is invited to tomorrow. We stopped at the local shop that we like and picked things out. Boy didn’t want anything for himself, didn’t even ask, but got really excited when he saw Madeline paper dolls. He thought Girl would like them. Then we saw a Madeline doll with removable clothing, and he insisted on on calling Girl on my phone to tell her about it. He asked her if she wanted the doll for her next birthday, and she said yes.

We got to the movie in plenty of time. I have to say that Boy watching extremely exciting PG-13 movie trailers with 3-D glasses on is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I love taking Boy to the movies. It’s a tradition we have, starting when Girl was only a few weeks old and he was very upset about her arrival. I left little baby Girl at home with Grammy and Grampy and I took Boy to see Fantastic Mister Fox at the fancy downtown mall theater. We’ve been going there ever since.

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