Day 67-68: In which we are smote by the flu

For anyone who is counting, I missed yesterday’s blog post. Just as I sat down with my laptop to write it I had a really bad case of the chills, and spent most of the night huddled in my bed wearing my (very warm) fleece bathrobe, and I was still cold! Boy and I have the flu, we figure. After seeming like he was better yesterday, Boy’s temperature went back up to 104 today. Unless he’s greatly improved tomorrow, we’ll take him to our doctors’ office, which has Saturday hours.

The Christmas tree. I hung the lights and garlands and the old and delicate ornaments at the top of the tree, and the kids handled the rest.

Nevertheless, we did some stuff. We did most of the Christmas decorating, and Boy and I worked on a puzzle that I got him as a Nutcracker present.

Bird puzzle.
Bird puzzle.

Last night I collected all of the Christmas presents, to be ready to wrap next week, and hid them in the closet. (I managed to get that done before the chills hit, thankfully!)

Tonight Papa got us Mexican food so I didn’t have to cook. We watched some episodes of Avatar, which is a favorite for all four of us. Now the kids are in bed, and I’m going, too. I am so hoping that we are better tomorrow, and that neither Papa nor Girl get sick.

Tomorrow Poppy and Grandma L are arriving from Arizona.

So to be honest, the last two days are kind of hazy, so I don’t have too many anecdotes. I know things happened, but I don’t remember what they were. Papa told me this little story, though, apropos of the kids arguing a lot (which they have been, stuck inside together). He told Girl he’d take her down to the park, since we’ve been trying to make sure she gets out to play every day, at least. But Boy really wanted to go, too. Papa said he didn’t want to take them together, because they always argue for his attention. He said he’d take Boy for a short night walk. Boy wasn’t having it. Since his fever was temporarily down, we reluctantly agreed (mostly because he said he was going to the park no matter what we said, and started getting his woolies on).

On the way down, Girl started running, Boy ran ahead of her, and Girl started crying and yelling at him (I could explain exactly why, but none of us have the time for that). Papa said, “See, you guys? This is why I didn’t want to bring both of you. You’re being horrible to each other. Why can’t you just be nice to each other?” Girl replied, palms up and shaking her head, as though stating the obvious for an imbecile, “Yeah…[Boy] is just not a lovable person.” To Papa’s credit, he still took them to the park.

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