Days 57-63: Nutcracker week

We did it! All six performances! Boy did really well all week, and I bought two last minute tickets for the last performance today so I could see him onstage, and he could watch the second act (I collected him at intermission). There was a little chaos surrounding his makeup midweek, but we got that sorted, and he looked great. We worked out a good makeup routine, and he’s even being cool about having me put on eyeliner.

I have to say, he looked just adorable on stage, his tiny little self. His costume included a little brown cape, a satiny white shirt, a vest, and knickers. He was poised, even graceful, remembered all his steps.

And the rest of us survived. I have so much to say about this week, but it’s going to have to wait. I’m so tired that when the kids were giving me a hard time going to bed, I went and sat in a chair and held my head and cried. They rarely see me cry, so they were pretty alarmed. Girl sat in my lap and wiped my face. Boy got lotion and started rubbing it into my hands and arms. They both tried to give me stuffed animals. And Girl suggested she just go to sleep in my bed so they didn’t stress me out anymore with their shenanigans. Funny, right?

This week we need to clean up the house (it’s awful) and decorate for Christmas. We don’t even have  tree yet!

But here are a few notes about this week until I can write something more coherent tomorrow:

Boy went outside every day this week and tidied up the Fairy House, especially the little yard. It looks just as nice as the day we built it.

I got out the kids’ trampoline and set it up in a corner of the living room for stress relief for Boy before and between shows. It worked magic.

Boy had a great violin lesson on Wednesday, and made a very articulate apology to his teacher for having a meltdown in class the week before. He said he’d been feeling really worried about the Nutcracker, but that he was very sorry he’d spoken to her disrespectfully.

Boy built an amazing roller coaster in Minecraft.

He’s also started trying to learn Russian. That is entirely his idea. He’s working on remembering different conversational phrases (hello, goodbye, please, thank you, excuse me, I love you, please give me a tissue), trilling an r, he copied the cyrillic alphabet from the internet, and is frequently answering me with ‘da’ instead of ‘yes’.

Girl was pretty sick for the first part of the week, but she’s been a trooper throughout. She played, she made crafts, she drew stuff.

Ladybug Girl
Ladybug Girl

We had our last day of co-op for the Fall semester, but couldn’t go because Girl was running a fever. But we also signed up for classes next semester. I heard Girl telling her brother:

Do you know what class I’m taking? It’s a kind of big kid and a hard class. It’s about SCIENCE. We’re going to get messy and have adventures, like on Magic School Bus…

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

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