Day 56: Nutcracker hiatus

We had a lovely cozy Sunday today, since Girl doesn’t feel well and the weather was kind of cold and blustery. We napped, we ate, we played, we talked about Christmas, we sang Christmas carols, we watched TV. (We’ve had the same illustrated book of Carols since Boy was a baby, and we all really like to sing them. All of the verses.)

One of Girl's completed gift lists. (It's a three year plan.)
One of Girl’s completed gift lists. (It’s a three year plan.)

Early in the day we watched episodes of Ghostwriter on YouTube, and when they told the audience to get out their ‘casebook’ and write down the clues, Girl did! Sniffly as she was. In complete earnest.

Clues in Girl's casebook
Clues in Girl’s casebook
List of possible suspects
List of possible suspects

Then while Papa, Girl, and the dog were all asleep together for like three hours, Boy and I watched (most of) the second Hobbit movie. We ate popcorn and snuggled in the big chair.  (He’ll be going to see the third in the theater on opening day, with a whole bunch of boys.)

And by this time next week, we will be done with the Nutcracker for this year. But before then, Boy will be on stage as a ‘Party Boy’ (a boy in the party scene) for six performances, and multiple dress rehearsals and spacings. Nine times at the theater in total, between Tuesday and Sunday. Last year he sailed through this week, cool as a cucumber. We were amazed at how he seemed to take it in stride. This time, a little older, a little more aware, he’s pretty anxious. He told me this morning that he’s afraid he’s going to make a mistake and ruin a performance. I told him it would be pretty hard for him to ruin the performance short of burning down the theater (which made him laugh), that no one in the audience is going to notice a little mistake, and that he should just do his best and try to have fun, and remember how much fun it was last year.  We’re just going to do everything we can to help him have a good week. Towards that, I think I’m going to take a break from writing the blog. First, in case Boy is having a hard time, I don’t want to write about that (it feels a little disrespectful) but also, I want to be getting to bed as early as I can and we’ll be getting home pretty late every night. I’ll file a report on Sunday!

So wish us luck, and see you on the other side!

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