Day 55: Boy gets the camera

All of the photos below were taken by Boy. Today was pretty uneventful, as we only have a couple of days before the whirlwind of The Nutcracker, and Girl has a cold. It was supposed to start raining this afternoon, so earlier in the day I wanted to get some raking done and get the leaves out of the gutter in the back.

But during that time, Boy got hold of the camera, and took a bunch of pictures of me raking leaves, playing with the dog, in quick succession, because he wants to make some stop animation movies with the older neighborhood boy who came over the other day.

IMG_3584 IMG_3696IMG_3664

Such a movie is potentially hilarious (imagine from the perspective of an eight year old boy, a movie of his mom bustling around, doing whatever it is on earth that she does). He also took pictures of Girl and I watching some birds, of Girl talking, of me talking. And some pictures of kind of random things, from his own perspective.

Our sidewalk, our street

The kids also collected pinecones and acorns from our yard to bring to the rescue squirrel trio we are (hopefully) visiting on Monday. We thought it might be helpful to familiarize them with some of the things they’ll be eating in the future, when we bring them to our yard in the spring.

Girl, squirrel-food collecting
Girl, squirrel-food collecting

But when it started raining, we all headed inside for the rest of the afternoon and evening. By this time, Girl’s temperature was running pretty high, so I tried to get her to rest while Boy played Minecraft. He and his neighborhood friend had made ships the other day (and then blown them up), but today Boy tried to make a ship like his friend’s with masts and billowing white sails. I can tell he likes this kid a lot.

And he doesn’t talk about it, but I can tell he’s anxious about The Nutcracker this week. I just hope it goes smoothly, and I look forward to a sunnier (and proud!) boy afterwards. It’s a pretty cool thing to be on a big stage in front of a few hundred people with professional dancers.

Tomorrow: Christmas tree.

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