Day 51: Fairy forest

Today was the penultimate co-op day of the semester, and its annual craft sale.

As you might recall, Girl asked Santa for a ‘Toy Rainforest’ out of the blue yesterday, leaving me to wonder how on earth I might find something to satisfy that request. Well, as luck would have it, one of the families in our co-op makes fairy forests! How perfect is that?!

But I just spent hours putting together picture gifts on Shutterfly before the sale expired at midnight, and I am sad to say I can’t muster the mental wherewithal to remember much else that happened today.


Boy caught me shopping for stocking stuffers for them, and I made him laugh denying that I was actually his mom, and claiming that he must be mistaking me for someone else. And I got to hear Girl very bravely cross the hall holding hands with a friend and invite the (big girl) Brownies to their Daisy Garden Party (for which her Papa made cookies last night). In her very small quiet voice: Would you like to come to our party? 

We are so grateful for our co-op and all the wonderful people in it.

And for all the friends and family who help us in so many ways.

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