Day 49: Day of Rest

I wasn’t up to much today after yesterday’s drive. So we really did need this Sunday to be a day of rest, relatively speaking. Boy had a Nutcracker run-through in the afternoon, and we were supposed to maybe pick up Nutty and release her today. But I spoke to the rehabilitator, and we were both concerned that even though she’s completely recovered from her injury, she’d be in trouble if she couldn’t find her mom. She’s too little to take care of herself, and Squirrel Lady is still feeding her formula. So she’s going to stay where she is, and spend the winter living in an outdoor enclosure to prepare her to come home in the spring.

Nutty isn’t alone. She’s living and sleeping with two other baby squirrels: Pumpkin and Nips. I offered to take all three into our yard in the spring. Evidently, Nutty knows her name, and likes to be petted (though of course that won’t last long). Squirrel Lady said we were welcome to come visit, and that I could feed her formula if I’d like, and we will bring the trio a gift of some nuts.

I was relieved not to have to worry about a little baby squirrel’s survival today.

Both kids were really happy to be home with their Papa, and each wanted to play with him alone for a while today. Girl had a lip-gloss ‘makeup party’ with him this morning, and then gave him a ‘manicure’ and hand massage with lotion.

Girl said that Papa's other fingers are boys, but his pinky is a girl, and it wanted to get dressed up.
Girl said that Papa’s other fingers are boys, but his pinky is a girl, and it wanted to get dressed up.

After that she got out the bin of beans and the bin of animals, and played with them with her dad for a while.

And since it was gorgeous today Boy took the dog out back and played for probably an hour. When he came back in, he wanted Papa to help him with Minecraft, so they did that for a while before Ballet. When they left, I went outside to rake the front yard. Papa came back and hung out with Girl while I was outside, and when he went back to pick Boy up, he said he’d left her watching female snowboarding on TV.

Girl really likes the idea of snowboarding, and has made sure to clarify with us that it is something little girls can do. Even five year old girls. She really wants to learn.

These poor mountain-loving kids, destined to grow up in the flatlands.

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