Day 40: Baseball in the house, Disney Princess lip gloss

Yesterday was exhausting (with worry, mostly) as were the days leading up to it, and today I felt relieved but also very tired.

Poor Boy, in fact, spent the day in jammies because I hadn’t gotten any laundry done this week, and since he only has four pairs of pants, they were all dirty. Our poor tired dryer takes about three hours to dry a load of laundry (we can’t replace it until at least spring), so by the time the pants were dry, there wasn’t much point. It’s very unlike me to run out of things. The way our lives are, I always have to plan ahead.

But I did manage to get Girl bathed and dressed and her hair braided so she could have an outing with one of her favorite friends, who also happens to belong to one of her favorite moms. She was so excited that she packed a backpack full of things she ‘might’ need: a flashlight, some story books, who knows what else. They went to the fancy downtown mall and played in the expansive harbor-themed play area, they had ice cream, and she even got to pick out a “late birthday present” at Claire’s. The kind of store that little girls like WAY better than their moms do. She picked out a set of glitter Disney Princess lip gloss in a small metal Disney Princess carrying case. “Makeup!” she declared, victorious, climbing out of my friend’s car.

Before that, it wasn’t a bad day. Girl made up a crazy baseball game which we tried to play with her. It was hair raising for me, what with the batting of balls inside the house, and frustrating for Boy who cannot hit balls nearly as well as he’d like to, but still fun, hitting a small plastic ball with a small wooden piece of Girl’s doll chair that fell off. Her crazy bases. Declaring that in her game, every batter should make up their own rules, whatever suited them best. We took some breaks for Boy to cry and run to his room, but he always came back, eventually hitting a ‘home run’ into the hall. Girl was just happy that we were doing what she wanted.

And in prepping for the game, Girl spent a lot of time writing numbers and letters on a piece of paper, and counting the letters that she was writing. That sort of thing always makes Mumma happy.

Boy was mostly obsessed today with how he might design a bot to defeat ‘Ziggo’ in Battlebots. But he also tried to draw our living room and everything in it, much like the waiting room yesterday.  He did a really nice job, I thought.

Our living room.
Our living room.

Boy did some writing, too, making up names for all of the inventors that he drew sitting around a table in a “great meeting of inventors” that he imagined himself being at when he is ‘in his twenties.’ He also typed his first text today (“Hold it with your fingers and type with your thumbs!” I called to him.)  Let it be known that Boy’s first text was written to my friend, politely but firmly requesting that she return his sister in a hurry for dinner. (I think he missed her).  He made very sure to spell everything correctly, capitalize and punctuate.

Evidently hasn’t heard those terrible rumors about what texts look like.

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