Day 38: Violin, ballet

Wednesday is violin and ballet day.

On some Wednesdays, we manage to do a good deal more than that, but not today. When I woke up, Boy was dressed and reading in the big chair, as usual. He was so engaged in his story that he didn’t even hear me say good morning, and hadn’t even opened the curtains on the big window. (Boy gets up when it’s still dark, usually, so he turns all the lights on and gets in his chair to read. Some mornings, when it gets light, he opens the curtains and turns off the porch light.)  It was cold today, and though the air felt pretty good to me, the kids just didn’t want to go outside. I didn’t make them, and I even took the dog out to exercise her in the morning, which is usually something Boy does.

But we had pancakes, the kids asked for something out of the closet to play with, and then Boy and I did some violin practice before lesson. He sounded good. We still haven’t been practicing as much as we should. At lesson, his teacher asked us to get a music stand, and not that we’ve never looked at written music before, but we got the book out and did some exercises, and my impression is that we will be starting to learn to read music now in earnest.

We’ve been listening to the Suzuki Book 1 CD in the car. I hear Boy singing the songs to himself, and he’ll ask me how things are played that are beyond what he can do now. I feel like his playing is going to be developing a lot this year. Time will tell.

We have a couple of hours between violin and ballet; in that time the kids played with toys in some tubs of water, had a snack, and spent a good while picking up the house.

It was parent observation week at ballet school (we missed classes on Monday, so I won’t get to see Girl dance until Spring). Girl and I sat in on Boy’s class today, which was lovely. He’s working very hard, the only boy in a class of girls. It’s a strict school (dance is a serious business) but very supportive and calm. He likes being there. He’s way, way less flexible than the girls, though, and I know we should start stretching at home every day. We were doing sun and moon salutations over the summer, but that’s sort of dropped off since we got busy in September.

After ballet we drove home in the dark, had a quick dinner/snack, and off to bed. I started reading the kids an illustrated book about Lewis and Clark, in which the text is all taken directly from documents written by one or the other. Boy liked it a lot, Girl less so.

And after that, they were asleep within ten minutes. Poor tired little bugs.

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