Day 33: The closet

It’s 8:20pm and I’m about to nod to sleep in my chair, so I’ll just give a brief overview of the day. Mostly today, I went through the big plastic bins in the kids’ closet, probably eight of them, toys and books. I pulled things out to donate, consign, or just throw away (seven smaller boxes’ worth), and then reorganized everything left into bins of things to get out of the closet and play with on request. I put some toys from the kids’ room into emptied bins, as well. Trains/tracks, dollhouse stuff, Boy’s ‘adventure’ toys, and so forth. One bin of baby toys to keep for grandkids. (It will happen sooner than we think!)

In the morning, the kids had gotten out the cardboard boxes our food order came in and started setting up a city.  I put them in an underutilized space behind our love seat and in front of the front door (which doesn’t open) with a couple of playmats, and got out Girl’s dollhouse for them, which was in the closet.  That’s what got me thinking it might be a good day to go through the toy and book bins. It’s been on my list of things to do for a good while.

The kids helped me with a couple of sorting tasks, and played in their space setting up different scenarios, and finally helped put everything away. We took a couple of long breaks to play outside and exercise the dog.

They did a couple of puzzles newly released from closet storage, and traced maple leaves. All in all, a good day.

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