Day 32: Yellow leaves

A very short post tonight. I lost my temper twice today, and I think that’s because I’m over tired, and part of that is probably staying up too late to write the blog posts. (I really wasn’t thinking about that when I committed to ‘every day for a year’!) Other than my outbursts, today was a nice day, but the kids were upset by and with me, and that’s always kind of sickening.

Boy and Girl started off with Minecraft; Boy made Girl her own world called Loveland and built her a house with lots of windows. And furniture inside, per her instructions. (Then a bat got inside, and Boy accidentally blew up the house with fireworks trying to get the bat out. And so it goes in Loveland, I guess. They’re going to start over tomorrow.)

They made some art projects: symmetrical glitter-glue transfer prints, a process of their own devising.

Glitter glue transfer print, by Girl and Boy
Glitter glue transfer print, by Girl and Boy

They took the dog out back and played for a long time, and I played with them for a while, too. It was a gorgeous day. Kind of overcast and cool, but so many leaves were on the ground from last night’s rain that the whole outdoors seemed to glow. In some places the leaves were bright yellow.

Back yard, with Dog

Then we came back in and the kids started building ‘bridges’ everywhere from thing to thing with pipe cleaners and tape.

I was hard pressed to come up with lunch, because we couldn’t pick up the food order until we got paid today (things will be tight until after Christmas). It’s not that we don’t have food, but we were out of all of their staples. No bread for sandwiches, no pasta, no couscous, no apples, no carrots, no nuts. So the kids had yogurt and frozen blueberries, and fried eggs, and I had my fried egg on some leftover collard greens.

After lunch the kids were playing with little figures on the bridges for what seemed like a couple of hours, imagining all kinds of adventure and misadventure. Then we spent a good while picking up. I made popcorn and let them watch some of a movie.

Papa came home with the groceries and I made a quick dinner. We ate in the living room and watched a scary Goosebumps episode. Papa used to watch them when he was a kid, and the kids love them even though they get scared out of their wits.

Tomorrow will be another nice day at home, but, let’s hope, with a better rested and more even-tempered Mumma.

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