Day 23: Votes and veggies

Today was a co-op day. Boy did experiments involving sand and columns in his Building Big class, made his own ‘magnifying glass’ with water in a plastic baggy, constructed a circuit, and started learning a Christmas song on the steel drums. Girl didn’t tell me very much about her day, but I know she did some things involving farms, and apples.

Boy’s circuit

Boy and I were coming up with examples of -ture and -tion words all day at home and driving in the car, and then Boy would try to spell them: moisture, posture, suture, adventure, creature, temperature, position. I was impressed with how well he spelled the words, but even more impressed by how well he took his mistakes. I feel like he looks at learning to spell words as a puzzle, and it’s an easy game to play in the car or in little odds and ends of time at home.

Papa had duty and didn’t get home from work until late tonight, so when we got home from co-op I made dinner while the kids watched some PBS kids, then we all got in the car to pick up our bag of CSA veggies from the farm truck. Girl was super excited to be driving in the dark, and hoped we would see a bat, or an owl, or a racoon. We didn’t see any of those things, but when we got back we did get to walk down to the local school (with the help of a flashlight) so I could vote.

Before bed, Girl told Papa all about voting. She described the room (like one of Boy’s ballet studios) and voting booths (a table with curtains, like a stage, and a computer to type on), and understood the process remarkably well. She remembered, for example, that some votes were for people to have a job, and some were ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on a question.

Then she insisted on making one of her picture lists of things she wants to do tomorrow.

Girl's to-do list for tomorrow.
Girl’s to-do list for tomorrow.

Clockwise from upper left-hand corner: 1) A secret thing Girl said she wasn’t going to tell me, 2) playing with Boy’s remote control vehicle, 3) making a haunted-house pop-up card, 4) going for a “ladies’ date” with Papa to her favorite bakery while Boy is at ballet.

So there you have it folks.  To be continued!

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