Day 21: Cleaning on a cold rainy Sunday

I enjoy a very wide range of weather conditions, but today was cold, dark, windy, and rainy; definitely an indoors sort of day. Husband and I reassured ourselves that Boy had no symptoms of a concussion, which (thank goodness!) cleared him for a whole lot of TV watching. That’s what the kids did pretty much all day, in between sessions of playing with Legos, reading, drawing, and even a game of Battleship with Mumma.

My big task for today (and the reason I was quite happy for the kids to be sitting and looking at a screen for hours) was cleaning Girl’s play area.


Before the cleaning
A few days ago, before the cleaning

I get it that the pictures probably don’t look that bad, but trust me, her play area was a horrible, horrible mess. Girl is very good about picking up her area every day, but her focus is on getting things off the floor and putting them…somewhere. Not always in the right place. Over time, entropy happens, and Mumma needs to come in and re-organize.

But I haven’t done that in forever. Add to that some pretty chaotic playdates when the lion’s share of Girls stuff ended up dumped on the floor and then crammed back willy nilly….you get the picture. Also, though I’m not a huge proponent of ‘purging’ Girls things (they are her things, and she likes them), but still, things collect that Girl does not necessarily need to keep. And of the things that she does want to keep…a five year old girl who loves Lego and Playmobil and Calico Critters and so on ends up with hundreds if not thousands of tiny, tiny possessions, all of which should go in the relevant storage container/bin/basket/box. Get the picture now?

All day.

It took me all day.

Girl drew a picture of how she wants to decorate her play area now that I’ve cleaned it.

Girl's play area, plus decorating ideas
Girl’s play area, plus decorating ideas

Now she can find her things when she wants them, and it will be so much easier for her to clean it up herself at the end of the day.

And in six months, it will be time to do it all over again.

(P.S. Not only did the Tooth Fairy forget to put the dollar under Boy’s pillow last night and have to sneak in to his room this morning, but she only had a $20 in her wallet. So Boy got a fabulous pay out this time around. )

3 thoughts on “Day 21: Cleaning on a cold rainy Sunday

    1. She is very happy! I have always tried to show the kids that we treat our belongings with care (including toys) and keep them clean and organized. We have always picked up toys at the end of every day, and a few times during the day. Girl had been complaining that her area was a mess and that she didn’t know where to put anything. She was pretty indignant about it, actually 😉


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