Day 20: Soccer ball to the face

Well, Boy caught a ball in the mouth at soccer today. (Saturdays are soccer and Nutcracker practice days.)

Husband said Boy came running up to him with a mouth full of blood, blood on his face, blood on his hands, asking “Is there any blood?!? And my poor husband answered, “Ummmm…yeah, buddy, a little…” Commence crying panic.

After Husband and another mom got him cleaned up as best they could with a tissue and a shirt sleeve, and Boy huddled on his dad’s lap for a few minutes, he got calmed down and went back out to play (!). But by the time they got back home, his mouth and cheek were so swollen it was hard to understand him talking.  I put him on the couch with a pillow and a blanket and told him to start sucking on M&Ms (day after Halloween!) and watching Magic School Bus episodes. He still had dried blood caked around his mouth and around his fingernails, but I just let the kid be.

He wanted to go to his Nutcracker practice in the afternoon, but after talking to another mom (whose daughter is a total soccer star and has had concussions) I felt like that was a definite no-go. That mom also let me know that if he does have a concussion, TV is no good. Oops! So I read him some stories and let him play Legos a little with his sister. We’ll try to keep him quiet again tomorrow, and if he seems okay, we’ll get back to normal activity levels on Monday. Ugh. Our first sports injury!

At least he lost a baby tooth from the hit, so he gets a dollar from the Tooth Fairy. (Note to Tooth Fairy: DO NOT FORGET TO PUT THE DOLLAR UNDER THE CHILD’S PILLOW.)

Honestly, if one were to pick a day to lay around, this was it. Cold and rainy and gray.

Girl spent the day dressing up, drawing, ‘decorating’ her play area. She drew several pictures depicting our Halloween activities last night, which I added to yesterday’s blog post, in addition to a lovely drawing illustrating her ‘scientific’ discussion of the differences between children and adults.

A comparison of child and adult physiology, by Girl. The lines are bones.

Some significant points of comparison:

“Adults are much more wider than kids.”

“And adults don’t brush their hair as much as kids, because adults are always in a rush. That’s why my hair is much more longer, and your hair is much more shorter.”

“Adults have much more bones than kids.”

Ah, Girl. Our fantastically knowledgeable museologist. You will be a fabulous scientist some day, my dear. Just you wait.

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